Book a consultation package with Nidhi Pandya.

The package includes a 2 hours initial consultation followed by four 45 minute phone consultations that can be used over a period of one year. During this time period, Nidhi will be available to answer all your questions via email.

The initial consultation will give you insight into the composition of your mind and body, as well as determine causes for any imbalance you may be experiencing. Detailed written recommendations will be provided with an additional phone call to discuss them, if needed. The recommendations will include –
– The foods that you should consume
– The foods that you should avoid
– Lifestyle suggestions that include everything from waking time, body care, music recommended, books that may help, yogasana and pranayam suggestions etc, all for your body type.

Price : $400

Please email if you wish to set up a time or want a custom smaller package.


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